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Franchise Consultation

If I am going to be effective in finding you the best matches possible, then we are going to need to get through my franchise consultation call and take a deeper dive.

We’re going to spend 60 minutes (if we’re quick) and up to 90 minutes (if we get sidetracked on tangents). We are going to accomplish three (3) things on the call…

Collaborate to develop your franchise criteria.

Give you a foundational understanding of franchising.

Open your eyes to what’s possible.

Haven’t scheduled your franchise consultation call?

Consultant Research

This is where I leverage my 30+ year experience in franchising, 27 years as a business owner, detailed knowledge of hundreds of franchise brands, and what I learned about you to determine which franchises are most likely to be the best fit for YOU.

I spend a great deal of time researching franchise companies and matching them up against your criteria and preferences to create YOUR franchise “short list”.

My goal is to save you time and bring forth only the options that are the best match for you.

Franchise Options Review

Taking into consideration everything I learned about you, your situation, and goals, I will present to you four (4) to six (6) brands to you.

We will take a “deep dive” into each of the franchise options where I’ll be providing you detailed information and may rationale for selection.

At the end of our review, we will collaborate and you’ll decide if one or more options are worth your time to investigate. This is 100% your decision.

Franchisor Discussions Initiated

I notify the franchise organizations you selected about your interest and provide them with your completed questionnaire and my notes. You will be a “pre-qualified” candidate referred by me and be made an instant priority by the franchise.

You will be contacted by one of their franchise development team to initiate the first of a series of educational discussions about the franchise, it’s benefits to franchisees, and the requirements.

You can cancel these discussions after the introduction or at any time in the process based on your interest level.

Throughout these discussions, we will have periodic calls where I consult you and provide perspective.

Our Guarantee

We view our role as a “trusted” franchising expert that will educate, consult, and serve you as a franchise matchmaker. We guarantee that we will never pressure you or “sell” you a franchise because we don’t sell franchises.

We guarantee that you pay us nothing, we receive comissions from franchisors only if you decide to move forward. And you have our word that franchise options we present to you are based solely upon a logical franchise match with what we’ve learned in this process.

Making The Decision

Making the decision to go into business with a franchise is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s 100% your choice and a step you take only after the right due diligence has been completed.

As your franchise consultant, it is my job to make sure you understand what the proper due diligence looks like and the information you need to receive prior to making a decision.

I educate you, consult you throughout the process, and provide you with a number of resources.

Prior to making the final decision, you’ll speak with customers, franchisees, and franchise leadership. You’ll be asked to visit the franchise HQ, tour operating franchises, and meet with department heads. I’ll connect you with trusted and talented business funding and legal resources. And finally, you’ll seek the advice of your spouse, mentor, and friends to gain their perspectives.

Ultimately, you’ll make the smartest decision possible.