Franchise Expertise


I am extremely lucky and fortunate to have found my “calling” or purpose at this point of my life. I get to help people determine if franchising is right for them and what specific franchises could be the best fit. Ultimately, I help them find a business that they can have passion for and one which will enable them to reach their personal and financial goals.

My ability to be effective comes from my deep roots in franchising and a lifetime of serving people in business. The majority of my life was spent as a business owner and as a marketing agency owner and marketing strategist. I have literally worked with hundreds of companies, their leadership, and owners in just about every industry, helping them grow and reach their goals.

I believe that being a trusted advisor to those seeking franchise ownership is a role that truly leverages my experience and character. I am one of those “good guys” that cares about my clients and understands how important this role can be in helping clients build their future and reach their goals.


The sum of my experiences in life and business has led me to my purpose and that is to guide people through the myriad of franchise buying and help them make sound decisions. I take my role as a franchise educator and matchmaker extremely important and understand the impact I can have on someone’s future. That is why I never apply pressure or tell my clients what they should do. I educate them, help them understand what the proper due diligence looks like, and I do my very best to introduce them to franchise opportunities that make the most sense for them. Clients love my process and they appreciate that I never sell or pressure them.


In 2004, I launched Greenbaum Marketing, a highly creative and innovative marketing firm, with a focus on consumer marketing, franchise development, brand positioning, and dominance on the web. Over the span of 15 years, I assisted many of the most respected franchise brands to expand market share, build unit revenues, and recruit new franchise owners through tactical franchise development strategies.

I was extremely active in the franchising industry and have had the honor of working with over 120 franchise brands to include: Great Clips, Ben & Jerry’s, Smoothie King, Meineke, MAACO, Fast Signs, REMAX, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Jakes Wayback Burgers, ARCO AmPm, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, Service Master Clean, BrightStar Care, Link Staffing, ZIPS Dry Cleaning, HERTZ, Ben & Jerry’s, CruiseOne / Dream Vacations, Batteries + Bulbs, AAMCO, CMIT Solutions, Sport Clips, and more.


I have earned the distinction as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) from the International Franchise Association and continue to be a passionate advocate for franchising. I have represented the franchise industry on Capitol Hill through the International Franchise Associations (IFA) public affairs initiatives, speaking with members of the House of Representatives and Senate on key issues facing the industry.

Slide Free resource FREE RESOURCE CONSULTATION AND MATCHMAKING PROCESS At Smart Franchise Investing, we have a great process for helping people understand the franchise due diligence process and determine those franchise options that make the most sense for them. This document outlines that process and should be used as a resource as you are working with us so you can make the most of our FREE franchise consultation and matchmaking services. It’s also recommended that you share this document with your spouse or a partner that may be involved in your decision making process. DOWNLOAD Slide The Now Massage FEATURED FRANCHISE THE NOW MASSAGE The NOW is a boutique massage studio and lifestyle brand that provides a space to escape the daily pressures of life. Founded on the idea of being in the moment, The NOW fills the void in the market for a high-quality, affordable massage in a serene setting—without the need to commit to the whole spa experience. From soothing add-ons, to crystal healing, to herbal heat therapy, clients enjoy a customizable luxury experience that doesn’t break the bank. LEARN MORE The Now Investment: $414,850 - $692,600
Franchise Fee: $60,000
Royalty: 6%
Locations: 16 open / 100 sold
Slide FEATURED FRANCHISE NAUTICAL BOWLS FEATURED FRANCHISE NAUTICAL BOWLS Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier eating options and Nautical Bowls has what they’re looking for - fresh açai bowls that are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free and plant-based with no refined sugars. They serve up bowls in two minutes or less packed with superfoods containing essential vitamins and nutrients. With a truly unique product offering, low-cost investment, and highly profitable business model, Nautical Bowls is strongly positioned to be the next healthy fast-casual leader. LEARN MORE NAUTICAL BOWLS Investment: $150,000 - $250,000
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Royalty: 6%
Locations: 7 open / 29 sold
Slide HELLO GARAGE FEATURED FRANCHISE HELLO GARAGE Let’s face it, for most people, the garage is the home’s true front door. So, at Hello Garage, their mission is to transform garages and create remarkable customer experiences — they elevate the garage from cluttered junk drawer to America’s true front door. The possibilities for residential garage transformation are endless, but the Hello Garage franchise currently focuses on concrete floor coatings, storage cabinets and accessories like slat wall and lighting. LEARN MORE HELLO GARAGE Investment: $118,309 - $159,679
Franchise Fee: $49,500
Royalty: 6%
Locations: 29 open / 100 sold
Slide FREE CHECKLIST FREE RESOURCE THE ULTIMATE FRANCHISE BUYERS CHECKLIST New to franchising and not sure how to best investigate a franchise opportunity? Not all franchise companies are created equal and not all franchises are the right fit for you. My Ultimate Franchise Buyers Checklist breaks your investigation down into logical categories and provides you with the specific questions to ask and things to look for when buying a franchise. I welcome you to download our FREE CHECKLIST and urge you to read this document BEFORE making a decision to buy a franchise. DOWNLOAD Slide PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS FEATURED FRANCHISE PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS Founded in 2004, PMA is the leader in the martial arts industry due to its; low start up costs, proven documented systems, strong leadership, successful franchise owners, and exceptional unit level economics. PMA is focused on teaching children lessons of success such as; focus, discipline, respect, confidence, leadership, etc. Helping them become good citizens, increasing their focus, getting physical exercise, and obtaining goals. LEARN MORE PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS Investment: $108,476 - $318,237
Franchise Fee: $49,500
Royalty: 7%
Locations: 175 open / 632 sold
Slide TEAMLOGIC IT FEATURED FRANCHISE TEAMLOGIC IT Virtually every small business in the country depends on technology to operate – computers, email, security, data backup, networks, and more. When their technology stops working, so does their business. TeamLogic IT franchisees provide comprehensive outsourced IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. Services include everything from simple maintenance and repair for very small businesses, all the way to complex computer and network solutions for larger sized customers. LEARN MORE TEAMLOGIC IT Investment: $110,000 - $175,000
Franchise Fee: $45,000
Royalty: 7%
Locations: 236 open


The biggest challenge for people looking into franchising is the fact that they have to follow a proven system and they are limited in what they can sell, how they communicate the brand, how they deliver the customer experience, and where the can market. Franchisors have spent a great deal of time and money developing a business model that is profitable and there are great reasons why franchisors have brand standards. If you can’t work within that framework, franchising may not be for you.


The majority of people I serve as a franchise consultant have decided for the first time in their lives to become a business owner. For some it has been something they’ve always wanted to do and for others they are drawn to business ownership through declining job security as they get older. The idea of being a business owner is as exciting as it is scary and many find it extremely difficult to get past the fears of risking a portion of their life savings on a business that does not offer a guarantee. What draws them to franchising is the fact that many franchises have proven performance, brands with equity, systems, training and ongoing support. But even with all that, going into business takes a great deal of courage and grit. The grit part is their ability to have that “do what it takes” attitude to be successful. People that succeed in business are focused, willing to do what it takes, embrace training and learning, and are willing to change their behaviors if needed. Franchising offers tremendous benefits, but you have to overcome your fears rise to the occasion if you want to create a successful business and ultimately reach your goals.


So many of the clients I work with are under the impression that they can “buy” any franchise they want, but nothing is further from the truth. Franchises are not sold, they are awarded and for good reason. Franchisors do not want to allow someone to represent their brand unless that person meets their qualifications. Franchisors want people that can be strong ambassadors for their brand and build customer loyalty through incredible customer experiences. They want people that are willing to follow their systems and are responsible to their business, to the customers, and to the franchise organization. So as you begin your discussions with franchisors, just be aware that they are judging you and determining if you have what it takes for them to trust you with their brand. I always ask my clients to treat their interactions with franchisors like a job opportunity that they really want to win. Be serious, respectful, communicative, and responsive.


New to franchising and not sure how to best investigate a franchise opportunity? Not all franchise companies are created equal and not all franchises are the right fit for you. My Ultimate Franchise Buyers Checklist breaks your investigation down into logical categories and provides you with the specific questions to ask and things to look for when buying a franchise. I welcome you to download our FREE CHECKLIST and urge you to read this document BEFORE making a decision to buy a franchise.


What’s great about the franchise consulting services I provide is that they are 100% FREE to my clients. I’m a NO PRESSURE guy who is here to educate and guide your due diligence process in franchise ownership. I thought it was important for you to understand how I make a living helping you.


Similar to working with real estate agents, you don’t pay any more for me helping you find the right franchise. Franchisors are happy to pay a referral fee for great candidates. Across the board, commission fees in franchising are relatively similar so there is no reason to steer you in one direction or another based on how much commission I’ll make. It is in my best interest to always serve you in the most ethical and professional way possible and I pledge I will do so. I’d rather make a friend for life who was thrilled to be working with me than ever risk our relationship and your best interests.


Franchisors are looking for people with certain qualifications, financial resources, and who are motivated to be successful in business. Since it is a difficult process to sift though hundreds of candidates to find the right franchisees, they welcome help from professional franchise consultants who understand their clients’ capabilities and goals.


I also want you to know that at no time I will pressure you or expect you to purchase a franchise. I work with all my clients the same, helping them understand franchising and identifying those franchises that can be best suited to help them achieve their lifestyle and financial goals.

If you’re ready to start investigating franchising with my help, I am happy to have an initial discussion to make sure this is a good fit for you. Use the link below to schedule a call with me.