5 HOT home improvement franchises!


As we know, the home improvement industry is hotter than ever and there are a wide range of franchises that focus on those people that don’t care to go the DIY (do it yourself) route. Many people either don’t have the time, the skills, or the patience to complete home improvements themselves. They are seeking professional results and don’t mind paying for them.

Here are some of the attributes of home improvement franchises:

  • Low investment– The investment range for home improvement franchises run roughly from $75,000 to $250,000, much lower than many service franchises. The lower investment makes it easy for people to get started with a wide variety of funding options to include an SBA Express Loan.
  • High margin– Unlike many independent business owners, franchising offers the ability to leverage national buying power with deep discounts that enable you to maintain competitive pricing while maintaining higher margins.
  • Low overhead– Most franchises allow you to start as a home-based business and grow into a small industrial warehouse space. In addition, the employee requirements are small and many of the services can be sub-contracted until you build up enough volume to justify employees.
  • No experience necessary– More than 75% of people that start home improvement service franchises have no experience. What they typically need is strong communication, leadership, management, and sales skills. Franchisors have elaborate training programs that quickly turn you from a novice into a professional.
  • Business hours– Why work nights and weekends? These franchises typically require you to work regular business hours.
  • Quick startup– In contrast to brick and mortar franchises, most home improvement franchises are home-based or operated out of a small industrial space. No waiting on real estate selection and timely (and costly) interior renovations.
  • Buying power– Gain the competitive advantage over local independents with deep discounts, negotiated pricing, and national supply contracts.
  • National brand– Let’s face it, people trust national brands and franchise owner’s see a higher degree of ROI on their marketing due to this fact.
  • National call centers– If you’re not able to answer new customer calls you are likely to lose them to your competitors. National call centers enable you to maximize your productivity and not have to worry if you’re too busy to answer the phone.


With so much activity in residential real estate and house-flipping, the kitchen remodeling business is booming! This innovative franchise has been operating for over 30 years, offers high gross profits, and most jobs are completed in a week. Their services include a one-day wood restoration, cabinet refacing, cabinet re-dooring, new cabinets, granite tune-up and storage solutions. Start as a home-based business and grow into a small warehouse showroom!

Join the leading concrete floor coating company in the country. What’s unique is their patented polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings that are up to 20x stronger than epoxy coatings, 100% UV resistant, and can be applied throughout the year. Gain a huge competitive advantage with low overhead, minimal staff, high profit margins, national buying power and strong market demand. You don’t need any prior experience, it’s home-based, standard business hours and you even get to drive around in a “super cool” branded black truck.

YOU DON’T REMODEL – YOU HIRE PEOPLE THAT DO! Manage a profitable remodeling business with low overhead, high margins, no inventory and minimal employees. Sell, design and install custom closets, garages, pantries, home offices, laundry rooms and more! You don’t have to have a background in construction, you need some sales skills and the ability to manage a small team. This business is scalable, offers a huge opportunity for growth and they give you big territories!

Help homeowners transform their inefficient cabinets and spaces into the ultimate in functional and utility! Imagine having your kitchen, pantry and bathroom cabinets retro-fitted with the latest in Glide-Out™ Shelving Systems that optimizes space and makes everything easily accessible. This recession resistant, low overhead business model caters to not only those who love to be organized, but those baby boomers and elderly that need things more accessible. This is an amazing company that offers so many advantages to its franchisees!

Would you believe that 75% of the franchise owners are men that new absolutely nothing about decor or window treatments before joining? It’s true! This home-based business is quick to ramp up and quick to create great cash flow. Represent the leading custom window treatment company in the U.S. and offer the largest selection of window coverings for residential and commercial customers. Incredible brand building, marketing, training and support – they have it all!